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We exist to end SIDS

We imagine a world where no parent has to suffer the loss or fear of SIDS ever again. And we believe we can get there. With enough heart and research, we can abolish SIDS. Relentless hope is our stance. Scientific breakthroughs are our weapons. Join us in this fight.

Every donation matters

Currently at $5,000,000 of the $6,000,000 goal – Donate today!
Your donations throughout the year make a huge difference to the Aaron Matthew SIDS Research Guild, which uses the latest data science and collaborates with some of the world’s top medical researchers. Thanks to donors like you, we’re making excellent progress in our work to find the causes of sudden and unexplained infant deaths (SUID), which include SIDS.

Researchers may have breakthrough for SIDS | ARC Seattle

Data-Science-Powered Research by Seattle Children’s and Microsoft Shows Promise of Predicting SIDS and Other Causes of Sudden Death

Unique partnership between medical researchers and AI experts grows, uncovers new clues to SIDS and other unexpected infant deaths

Researchers and data scientists from nine countries, on four continents, now collaborating on research partnership led by Seattle Children’s Hospital and Microsoft’s AI for Good program, coordinated by The Aaron Matthew SIDS Research Foundation

Our unique data-driven approach

Breakthroughs often start as data. In partnership with Seattle Children’s Research Institute, we’re building the first-ever cloud-based whole-genome database that researchers worldwide can use to find genes or mutations that could help explain some instances of sudden infant or child death. Built with support from Microsoft Genomics, TATA Consulting Services, and researchers worldwide, the database offers open access with the latest privacy protections.

A strong voice on Capitol Hill

We advocate strongly and consistently on behalf of SIDS-related issues in state and federal legislative bodies. For example, the recently passed Scarlett Sunshine Act (H.R. 2271 | S. 1130) will strengthen current efforts to understand sudden and unexpected death in infants and children, facilitate data collection and analysis to improve prevention, and support children and families.

Compassionate, empathetic support for parents

No parent should ever have to experience the pain of losing a child to SIDS. And every parent should be informed about the specific actions they can take to reduce the risk. We provide resources and access to people who can help parents prevent SIDS and provide comfort and counseling to those families affected.

Our research partners

From physicians and professors to world-class researchers, scientists, and data scientists, our research partners make the breakthroughs that fuel hope and move our cause forward.

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