Research Studies

AMSRG works with medical researchers and data scientists to study the cause of SIDS, and how it can be prevented in the future. Read more about our current studies and if you can help below.

SUID Research Study

If you are a parent or legal guardian of an infant or child who died suddenly with no apparent medical reason and would like to learn more about this study or how you could participate, email us. We are deeply sorry for your loss.

A Genetic Database

Researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are creating a genetic database to search for key genes or mutations that could explain why some infants/children pass away from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), SUID (sudden unexpected infant death), or SUDC (sudden unexplained death in childhood). The research team is led by Dr. Nino Ramirez, Director of the Center for Integrated Brain Research, and Dr. Ghayda Mirzaa, Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine.

If you joined this study, we would request tissue and/or blood samples and medical records from the deceased child on your behalf as well as saliva cheek swabs from biological family members, such as the child’s mother and father. We would then perform genetic testing on these samples and store coded genetic and medical information in a secure database.


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